June 23, 2021
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Top MBA In Logistics Management

From packaging products to ensuring that everything is in place on time, logistics managers have a lot on their plates. It’s no surprise, then, that most businesses require their logistics managers and supply chain executives to have at least an MBA in the field before they’ll even be considered for a promotion or to be hired for an open position. That’s a pretty tall order, but it’s one that business professionals should embrace. There are some really great logistics programs at universities across the country.

For those pursuing logistics education at the graduate level, five universities nationwide stand out among the rest as the best options for good networking, excellent instruction, and innovative approaches to this very old field.

1. University of Kansas

Located virtually at the center of the United States, it’s no surprise that the University of Kansas has become a hub of serious business education. The university was one of the first to develop an MBA in logistics management, and its template is one that is still used by most universities nationwide today. Students will pursue analysis, management, and employee relations courses as part of the program.

In addition to excellent courses, students will receive instruction from experts in the field, including leading business researchers who are helping to shape the future of logistics management both at the University of Kansas and in businesses around the country. It’s an experience that shouldn’t be missed by those local to the university’s campus.

2. Colorado Technical University

Ranked in the top ten online MBA programs by the International Graduate Forums, Colorado Technical University’s logistics program is one of the best MBA degrees in the United States. That might come as a surprise, especially because the program is entirely online and leaves hands-on experience out of the equation. Even so, CTU’s online collaboration tools are well developed and are easily the best among today’s distance learning institutions.

With classes that actually require interaction with professors and other students, those who choose CTU’s MBA program won’t miss out on essential interactions that are critical to development of management skills. And, with courses in analysis and management that rank near the top of list, students will acquire the skills needed to work within even the largest corporate operations.

3. University of Tennessee at Knoxville

The University of Tennessee notably offers either an MBA in Logistics or a degree in Supply Chain Management at each of its major campuses in the state. The university’s Knoxville campus offers both programs, and that allows for a type of dual-track educational experience that greatly benefits graduates. With a degree from UTK, students will have the resources and skills they need to succeed at managing logistics operations, supply chains, and even regular business communications.

That broad appeal is the best bet for students that are hoping to get a job after graduation. In an economy like the present one, a diversified set of skills is more of an asset than ever before.

4. Ohio State University

The Fisher College of Business is well known as a leading research institution and educational heavyweight both inside and outside of Ohio. It’s one of the few schools that actually encourages its students to participate in research work as part of their MBA program. That allows them to identify new industry trends and logistics management approaches before they’ve even hit the mainstream.

This kind of hands-on research and industry experience sets students up for real success after graduation, giving them the tools they need to land a job at some of the largest companies nationwide.

5. Portland State University

For those on the west coast, there are few entrepreneurship programs like the one at Portland State University. The university is actually located in a city that has been identified with growing importance in supply chain and logistics management, thanks largely to its location on the Pacific Ocean and its relative proximity to Asian markets. That gives graduates a unique perspective that they won’t find at many other schools.

That unique perspective is boosted by institutional research and teaching assistantships that boost the responsibilities enjoyed by MBA candidates at Portland State. After graduation, that adds up to better jobs, better skills, and a better career trajectory than competing job candidates.

Great Logistics Programs Around the Country

With the increasing sophistication of international trade and domestic logistics operations, MBA programs are an essential way to ensure that things go smoothly and businesses run efficiently. Students at these five schools will receive the best combination of education, insight, research opportunities, and networking opportunities, to put them ahead in the search for a job after graduation.