May 20, 2022
Studying on laptop.

Top 10 Online Learning Sites

Online learning sites allow you to upgrade your skills in a convenient way. There are now many online learning sites which offer helpful information and where you can enroll to access study materials.

  • The platforms cover almost all fields of study imaginable.
  • Even if you are employed in a workplace where you are often busy, you can fit online studies into whatever spare time arises.

Online Degree Guides

Many universities and colleges provide online degree programs directly. Finding out which program is the best for you can be a challenge because of the number of providers. That’s where aggregation sites, such as and, are useful. They select and present the best degree courses available across the university system.

Top 10 Online Learning Platforms

Here is a selection of the top 10 platforms for online study. Collectively, they provide a strong set of options for free or cheap online learning. If online learning is for you, these are some good options.

1. Coursera

Coursera offers a wide variety of courses. It has partnered with major universities all over the world to provide quality education. There is a specialization program where an individual can take up to 10 courses which can eventually lead to certification from an associated university. This makes it easy for those wanting to access advanced education online.

2. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a US-based provider of massive open online courses. The LinkedIn subsidiary offers video courses presented by industry experts in fields such as software, creative and business.

3. Udemy

Udemy adds more than 800 new courses to their platform each month. This makes it among top online learning resources. It offers courses ranging from $10 to $500. You are the one who decides on the type of course you enroll for.

4. Udacity

The Udacity platform focuses more on technology courses. If you would like to excel in data science, you will interact with able tutors from Google and Sales Force on the platform. The platform allows you to pay on a monthly basis as you study your chosen course. If you drop a course at a given point, you will be free to pay up to the level where you left.

5. Khan Academy

Khan is a nonprofit making platform which offers a free library online. There are also micro lectures which you can take advantage of. It offers learning materials in math, economics, science, humanities and compute programming. You can take advantage of the free resource before you move to an advanced course where you will have to pay.

6. Codecademy

Codecademy is available for free. It is mainly dedicated to teaching people on how to code. It helps learners to keep a fast pace while learning through supportive categories. The site offers courses in a number of languages which include PHP, Ruby and Python. Students are able to deploy projects upon completion of courses.

7. Thinkful

Thinkful is a learning platform which focuses on coding and coaching you into a job. You don’t have to pay anything until you’re hired into a qualifying position.

8. iversity

iversity is an open, Berlin-based platform which has partnered with most European international universities. It offers academic courses for free.

9. Skillshare

Skillshare offers a wide range of subjects for learners to choose from. You can take classes without membership. The classes start from $20 to $30 each. They are taught by industry leaders. Membership starts from $9.95 per month. Members access 20% discount on all classes.

10. General Assembly

General Assembly focuses on education in business, design and technology. You can access online classes as well as in person. It even live-streams live lectures for learners for a more interactive study experience.